EDitorial ± 23-Apr-2017

Light Lunches: Goslings Garden Cafe, Trimley

En route to some early morning McD's pancakes yonks ago, I made passing reference to the local landmark that is the Trimley sausage shop roundabout. Shame, I lamented to Andy as we were about to pass it one lunchtime, that the venerable shop doesn't have a caff attached. Which was when bespectacled Andy spotted the "hot pies" sign sitting outside. Lunch!

One handbrake turn later, us pair were picking our pies inside The Real Sausage Co.. Chicken balti for yours truly and a steak and stilton for the driver, not a favourite of the proprietor, it turned out. Only a couple of quid with no extra charge for an unashamed zap in the microwave. Not quite the the finesse of John Hutton, to be sure, though most likely a darn sight cheaper. No internal seats and no hot drinks on offer, so not strictly on the list. Took advantage of a handy non-memorial wonky bench right outside, however, to down our meat products and sip my Barr cherryade.

That was all a precursor to the main event, a revisit to Goslings. Myself and Andy came here way back with good old Grenvyle and ate our lunch among the labyrinthine polytunnels. Sure I wrote that up at the time, but I cannae find it. So, here's the two of us back again for kaffee und kuchen in what we believe is the new-ish Garden Cafe.

Big shed reminds me of Sax's Pear Tree Cafe and him of Yoxford's Flying Goose Cafe. Ignoring the hooooge range of options on the long laminated menu since we're both pied up, we headed straight for sugary treats. Bakewell for the driver and a top notch white choc and pecan blondie for me. Decent coffee, too. Out through the external tables and it was busy busy busy. John Shuttleworth would love it here. Oof!

If it was a car -- BAV 485.
If they were passing by -- Drake.

EDitorial ± 6-Apr-2017

Light Lunches: Red Poll Tearooms, Darsham

Despite my comprehensive education at the local comprehensive, I did not know that Yoxford landmark Satis House takes its name from Great Expectations. I don't doubt that the Latin scholars among us would know that "satis" means "enough", as in enough of my yakkin'.

Past San Souci on the right, past Satis House on the left and follow that give-us-a-sign pointing right to Westleton. Half a mile later, right again, not into Prime Irrigation (love that name) but the Emmerdale Farm Shop. I know, Emmerdale in Suffolk, eh? They've got the holy trinity of butchery, farm market and, for us, the Red Poll Tearooms. Always a warm welcome, reads the sign, and you have to admire the lack of an exclamation mark. Nicely played.

Stacks o' seating inside including a sofa upstairs. Sun's out, though, so we'll grab an outside table with attached blanket per chair, another quality touch. Hoorah for hygge. Many menu options but that'll be a breakfast bap for Andy and a self-assembly BLT for me with bacon worthy of John Hutton. Seemingly all possible San Pellegrino flavours available, too, and bonus points for the gamut of tourist information leaflets.

Apparently no discount for bringing in your own plates, sadly. Family-run business and it seemed that we met most of them that single lunchtime, every single one most welcoming, like the sign said. Given that we were at the very limits of our lunchtime range, didn't really have the time for coffee and cake but seemed rude not to. Very good Bury St Edmunds originating coffee with a satisfying slab of Victoria sponge. Super savoury and sweet and a soupcon of sun.

If it was a car -- John Deere Gator HPX.
If they were passing by -- Adam Henson.

EDitorial ± 30-Mar-2017

Light Lunches: The Shed, Sproughton

It's beautiful Bill Withers weather out there. Signs are bright for this, our first post Article 50 outing. Symbolically, Kev has left us to it today. Only me and Andy remain. Righty-tighty.

Once more over The Bridge and t'ain't no time at all until we're passing the Sproughton Community Shop. Up to The Wild Man and, after parking on the right, it's a left to The Shed, offering your antique, your vintage, your brocante. Flippin' mahoosive, it transpires, a real bunny warren, after we have to ask our way to the bit where you eat. Up the stairs, along, down the stairs, admiring the huge number of olde items up for grabs in every N&C, and here it is.

Quite the menu, they have, with lots of specials inc. a chicken and pasta bake, goat's cheese, et cetera. Bit too much for us today. We'll take a toasted sandwich each, SVP, one with mozzarella and pesto (yum), the other with Brie and bacon (scrum). In a microcosm of modern society, two dandies sit in the courtyard sun sipping Rio and devouring well-presented hot snacks while a worker man hacks away at some overgrown foliage. Quiet today but the nice young lady (NYL) says you can't move on other lunchtimes.

Briefly back to the NYL to choose from the generous selection of cakeage. Caramel & almond slice and a piece of marzipan fruit cake to share with another vg coffee. In a light lunch first, the Lotus biccies on the saucers each have two (count 'em) biscuits per pack. To be alive in 2017! To borrow that V&A slogan, this is an ace caff with a nice shop attached.

If it was a car -- Morris Minor 1000 Convertible.
If they were passing by -- Pavel Douglas.

EDitorial ± 23-Mar-2017

Ipswich Lunches: CC's Sandwich Bar

Not unlike Ray Milland, I'm blind to all but a tenth of the universe. Or rather, it's me eyes, doc. Had a test, failed to spot the blinking white lights, got referred, then a trip to Moorfields, an MRI, etc. Doesn't remotely affect me except the constant banging into things. Didn't see that coming.

Seemed convenient, then, after a late morning 'ozzy appointment, to try and find a venue nearby. Cue CC's just off the Foxhall Road and Heath Road roundabout, that one with the year-round fireworks and the post office that doubles as a toy shop. Classy etched lettering on their window reads:

sandwiches | rolls | pies | crisps | sweets | drinks

Conveniently there's a table, thus qualifying CC's for a visit. Gotta be able to sit, you know. For the second week running, Kev and Andy have beaten me to it. Salad plates are being consumed. Freshly made tuna bap for me, thanks. Local bread, local produce, all rather lush. Bizarrely we're surrounded by Mother's Day items on all sides: it's a gift shopping extravaganza all this week, says the sign. Treat your mum!

Unlike us weirdos, folk are pulling up and popping off all the time with their savoury bagged items. They're on to a good thing. Good velvet cupcake and an excellent cuppa coffee to finish, and we're done. Point me home, chaps!

If it was a car -- Volkswagen CC.
If they were passing by -- Chevy Chase.

EDitorial ± 22-Mar-2017

TT1617, Defiants v. Manor B

Trying to catch up with postponed games, the scene is set for us to play another top-flight team who, unlike ourselves, are going up. Everyone's running late until everyone appears. Wulfs are on the other table, too, another team we won't be seeing for a while.

Once more we have the A-team of Ed, Natalie and Steve. Can we better our previous 3-7 defeat? Should be possible since Rosemary can't make it. Could be interesting since Morgan Freeman-alike Michael is taking her place, accompanied by stalwarts Des the steward and marketman Mick. In brief:

  • not Ed's night, 2-0 up before losing to Des then going steadily downhill in two other very poor losses
  • not Steve's night either, playing very well to take both Mick and Des to four ends before once again losing another five-ender to Michael
  • at least Natalie got a straightforward point against Michael and maybe should have beaten Mick too

Chance to double our points with a doubles win but fluffed that too, Ed and Natalie flattering to deceive. One lousy point and we were still there at 11pm. That, friends, why we're going down to the bottom.

EDitorial ± 20-Mar-2017

Crinkle-Crankle Walls in Suffolk, 90

(visit the list of crinkle-crankle walls in Suffolk and view the accompanying Google map)

— (90) Worlingham, The Walnuts —

(visited 19-Mar-2017)

Up in the Bungay area recently, I revisited the phenomenal 12 foot tall monster crinkle-crankle on Garden Lane in Worlingham. It's an absolute wonder, sitting there in the midst of a modern estate, an isolated relic.

Mr Google suggested it was previously part of the grounds at Worlingham Hall. Their village sign even depicts a long snake-like wall in the background. Hoping to see said sign on Sunday 19th March, it wasn't there! Taken away for spring cleaning, perhaps?

More non-Bing-ing uncovered another Rightmove house where "the garden is enclosed by a crinkle crankle wall." Part of a neighbourhood watch area, a local resident of The Walnuts eyed us with interest as we parked half on the kerb and took snaps of the six-foot wall. Clearly nowhere near as remarkable as its cousin in Garden Lane, it sprouts a not unattractive coping (like Old Station Road in Halesworth) and featured a colourful bunch of daffs in one of the inner parts.

EDitorial ± 16-Mar-2017

Ipswich Lunches: Cargo Coffee

Spiffing March sunshine out there. Let's head to The 'Swich to take advantage of some outside seating On The Waterfront. Ain't worth me heading back to MH so may as well bike and meet the chaps there. Man, that wind catches your cargo shorts.

Blown by that same wind, six years have flown by since we were last here. What was Theta is now Cargo and, more significantly, what was University Campus Suffolk is now The University of Suffolk, natch. Andy's already dispatching the last chicken tikka soup with naan, which looked mighty fine, and Kev's on the curried parsnip. Final jacket potato has just sailed away towards Shotley. Guess I'll have a bland-sounding BBQ chicken panini. Not bad at all and just about worth the wait. Has to be a good thing that the Ginsters have been swept aside by far more fresh food plus sausage rolls, wedge and pizza slices. Would have liked a better range of soft drinks. That's one small fridge.

Haven't yet mentioned that we BBQ chickened out of the outside seating. Bit too breezy for the 50+ club. Still adjoining the cafe is the Waterfront Gallery, home to my "piece" back in 2011, and currently housing an exhibition entitled Simulacrum. Nice bit of culture, ain't it? Steady stream of students and staff seem happy enough. Quite a bit of choice around here these days with Coffeelink and Colours still going strong and the likes of Cult Cafe, Cafe Marina and Delice not far away.

No great shock to see that Cargo's coffee is Costa-branded. Shame that they're not supporting Coffeelink, all of 50m away. Hot, wet and reasonably strong, and more than fine with a slab of prepack carrot cake. Occupying another table are some callow youths promoting the upcoming student elections. Despite my babyface, I'm not eligibile to vote.

If it was a car -- (anything from Cargo Cars in Gorleston).
If they were passing by -- Anthony Agogo.