EDitorial ± 4-Jun-2017

130Story: Favourites / Falling / Ethical / Explain / Event

The rules of 130Story are simple: given a random seed word, write a story in 130 characters.






More to follow.

EDitorial ± 2-Jun-2017

Light Lunches: Westwood Caravan Park, Bucklesham

That Andy. Due to leave the GPO within the month and already cannae get out of bed, or so he said. Plan was for a rare cycle to cafe outing on another solar-powered day. Then things changed, as they're wont to do, and two wheels became four. I'm in a car. I can't carp.

Through the mean Martlesham backroads, down and up the Brightwell dip and lo, it's Westwood Ho! Pleasing roadside signage proclaims a fulsome twelve hour opening period for the Westwood Caravan Cafe. No immediate response at the barrier but we're given the nod to park in the gravelled area. Memories of the nearly non-existent savoury options at a previous campsite trip (the infamous Moon & Sixpence) fade away on seeing the menu inside. Bacon sandwich, sausage sandwich, all day breakfast, etc. Egg and beans on toast for me, ta very much, plus a bacon sarnie for the chauffeur.

Seated outside (too nice to sit in there) on the decking with a captivating view of a cavalcade of caravans, it's not long before two bits of granary toast are presented with proper HP. More than satisfactory sandwich for Andy, like his Nan used to make with lashings of butter. Thumbs up for cans of new-to-us St Helier citrus drinks, one in the eye for San Pellegrino.

Andy's back inside to assess the many products on sale in the campshop from pegs to soup to shaving gel but thankfully emerges with prepacked goodies, a hunk of Belgian choc loaf cake (from Lichfields) and a wodge of lemon tart (from Margaret's Country Kitchen). We need those calories after our long drive, not. Perfectly OK pushbutton lattes add a shot of caffeine to our imminent sugar rush. Really could have done with putting the pedal to the tarmac on our return journey.

If it was a car -- Westfield Megabusa.
If they were passing by -- Barry Newman.

EDitorial ± 28-May-2017

130Story: Spot / Sensible / Permitted / Aware

The rules of 130Story are simple: given a random seed word, write a story in 130 characters.





More to follow.

EDitorial ± 26-May-2017

Felixstowe Light Lunches: Spa Pavilion Terrace

Absolutely glorious day demands that the trio trot out in search of sun, sea and sand. That's right, Felixstowe it is since there's talk of a dead whale. That, and word of a new eatery. Replacing Winnies, reassures our whistleblower, is the promising sounding Waffle Shack. We park, we stroll, we sigh. Doors are shut today. Like James Bond, we shall return.

Thinking fast and not wishing to retrace our steps, we agree to prom it along to the still-standing Spa Pavilion. Dear old Grenvyle was with us when we first came here back in 2008. Following its re-opening, we revisited a year or so back dining upstairs in The Lounge. Can I find that review? No, I cannot. Sloppy.

Downstairs in the dark underbelly lurks The Terrace. Weather such as this, chaps such as us require outdoor seating. Brief pop inside to grab menus which, we hadn't realised, apply to both up and down. Guess that's fair enough. Timings are strict:

  • 9:30am to 11:45am, breakfast
  • 2:30pm to 4:30pm, afternoon tapas
  • 2:30pm to 5pm, afternoon tea by prior reservation only
  • midday to 3pm, Sunday lunch but only on a Sunday

Fortunately we're past the 11:46 to 11:59 no-food-for-you slot and automatically into the lighter bites or main menu. Not feeling the need for a big plate (burger, steak, pizza, fish), Andy and Kev go for pulled pork paninis and nachos while I go for a ham & coleslaw sandwich. Expecting something functional, what got delivered to our table was excellent with dressed salad, Doritos and vg bread. Thirty bonus points for a J2O spritz with pear and raspberry.

Would love to report on the sweet stuff but for once we didn't. I offered to buy the boys a cone from the wonderful Little Ice Cream Co. and they declined. What's become of us? Double cake next week.

If it was a car -- Renault Zoe Z.E..
If they were passing by -- Terence Stamp.

EDitorial ± 21-May-2017

130Story: Denied / University / Shaking / Abandoned / Rights

The rules of 130Story are simple: given a random seed word, write a story in 130 characters.






More to follow.

EDitorial ± 18-May-2017

Light Lunches: Wild Blackberry Cafe, Bromeswell

Bromeswell? Yeah, good, thanks, although I do still try to say "fine" rather than "good" 'cos of the whole adverb thang. Not that I've got anything against Americanisms, you understand. Language evolves, does it not?

News reached me via a review in the blessed EADT that the righteous Ruddy Duck, attached to Swann's Nursery, had issued its final quack. In its place is now the Wild Blackberry, a fruity offshoot of Woodbridge's long-lasting and BLT-tastic Wild Strawberry. I'd like it noted that I like that leap from Fragaria to Rubus.

Dead of winter on our 2012 visit yet snug and cosy within. Now deep into spring and the place seems outdoorsy and relaxing. Much decking, many tables. Andy engages in some berry banter with the hard-working ladies behind the counter and gets as good as he gives. Special of the day is lasagne, a tad warming for a day such as this. I'll stick with the toasted panini with hummous. Takes a while but then again it's surprisingly busy for somewhere apparently so out of the way. Food well worth the wait, though.

Had a power cut at work that morning hence no particular desire to return in a hurry especially when we've got everything we need right here. Me having shelled out for firsts, Andy pops back in for seconds, followed shortly after by a very good flat white and a quality slab of carrot cake. Breakfast, lunch, and open seven days a week. Nice one.

If it was a car -- TX4 Black Cab.
If they were passing by -- Alastair Campbell.

EDitorial ± 14-May-2017

130Story: Answers / Component / Violated / Exposure

The rules of 130Story are simple: given a random seed word, write a story in 130 characters.





More to follow.