EDitorial ± 14-May-2017

130Story: Answers / Component / Violated / Exposure

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EDitorial ± 7-May-2017

130Story: Showing / Letting / Notified / Coin / Adventures

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EDitorial ± 4-May-2017

Felixstowe Light Lunches: The Turtle and The Bear

Since Felixstowe's River Of Life has apparently dried up, thought we'd check out its Hamilton Road replacement, the Vintage Tea Rooms, only to find it vamoosed with a scary looking official notice on the door. Where now?

Along a windswept Langer Road, the Huckleberrys mother and daughter have hung up their aprons and and made way for The Turtle and The Bear, "est. 2017." There, for starters, is an intriguing name, non? Takes a few minutes to get inside due to hungry folk queueing for their freshly made baps. That wind bites so not for us the outside tables.

Relief to be seated at one of the high stools tucked either side of the door. Struck by the classiness of the joint from those snazzy lightbulbs to the wooden decor to the high-quality signage. Branding continues with the nifty sticker holding my greaseproof paper together. Innards are an absolute treat, a funky fresh club sandwich reminiscent of Carrot Cake, and that's some high praise. Bread's from The Bakery on Hamilton Road, too. Vanilla coke for me and a tastily experimental banana and peanut butter smoothie for Andy.

Tiny premises and that front door is rarely shut thanks to the steady flow of punters, most of whom the ladies behind the counter seem to know. Thankfully there's time for a vg Paddy & Scott's flat white with an equally fine slab of lemon drizzle. Well played, TTATB.

If it was a car -- The Turtle, DIY car made in Ghana.
If they were passing by -- Janet Sumner.

EDitorial ± 30-Apr-2017

130Story: Marine / Eager / Parents / Restaurant / Pretty

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EDitorial ± 24-Apr-2017

Light Lunches: La Hogue Farm Cafe

Browsing the latest list of Suffolk FADA nominations while lunching in what rightly emerged as the Best Cafe, G&T's, we discovered a category entitled "family dining". FADA website, a bit rubbish, had only the names with no accompanying links or locations, which left us pondering what and where these places might be.

Finalists were:

  • The Four Horseshoes at Thornham Magna near Eye, eventual winner
  • The Crown at Stowupland near Stowmarket
  • and La Hogue Farm Shop and Cafe at Chippenham near Newmarket

I'm off to Newmarket on Sunday morning, said that Andy. How's about we do breakfast at La Hogue? Which is what we did once we'd lugged an old eBayed six foot sideboard upstairs to its new home.

About 10 minutes from Newmarket close to the confluence of the A14 and A11 is "your local farm shop and cafe". We arrived around 10:15am, not long after opening time, and that car park was filling up. Shop is a cross between Suffolk Food Hall and Wyevale and leads through to the capaciously classy caff. Chop chop busy busy in there, the well-heeled of Ely chowing down on home-cooked English breakfasts.

Andy ordered while I grabbed a table. There's outdoor seating plus a separate area seemingly designated as a quiet zone, presumably free of screaming brats. Bit weird? I was lucky to land the last of the morning's specials, a rather fine combo of eggs, potato and bacon, while the driver settled for the regular breakfast. Stacks of stuff on the menu from salad to scampi to soup to sandwiches. Much like the similar-ish farmcafe, there's stacks of Stokes, always a good sign. None the wiser about that name and a bit out of the way for us over here in the far east but worth a trip.

If it was a car -- Venturi Eclectic.
If they were passing by -- Dan Snow.

EDitorial ± 23-Apr-2017

130Story: Victims / Does / Paint / Keep

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EDitorial ± 21-Apr-2017

Light Lunches: G&T's, Yoxford

And thrice they shall visit the venerable High Street of yonder Yoxford:

  • first occasion, stardate 2013, 'twas the actual Post Office with in-built caff
  • second occasion, stardate 2015, 'twas the not long lived Louie Lou's
  • third time, stardate 2017, 'tis the award-winning G&T's

We spent a quality lunchtime there on Friday 21st April. Three days later they won the highly covetable award for Best Coffee stroke Tea Shop in the 2017 EADT Suffolk Food & Drink Awards. Coincidence? Probably, though we were aware of their nomination along with Aldeburgh's Cragg Sisters and The Tea Hut. NB winner in 2016 was Applaud, the pride of Ipswich.

G and T are Gina and Thalia, busy cooking up a storm here since 2016. I'd been here a couple of times previously with various friends and family and been v. impressed. Savoury choices for me and Andy were the smoked chicken and mango salad (I know) and a pork & chorizo sausage roll, both highly original, with a Bottle Green and Fentimans on the side. Loadsa local goodies, too, inc. Stokes, Scarlet and Mustard, local choc and Earl Soham's very own Paddy and Scotts.

Come for the savoury but stay for the cakes. Given the distance from Martlesham, we ran out of time and had to settle for a takeaway slab of choc truffle cake with a knockout flat white. They're busy, busy, and open on the odd evening too. Go To G&T's.

If it was a car -- MGB GT.
If they were passing by -- Glenn Tilbrook.