EDitorial ± 21-May-2001

Beside Myself With Glee

Weather couldn't make up its mind in big bad urban Ippo yesterday afternoon, so I irrationally decided that we should decamp to the coast for a couple of hours of the finest East Coast ozone. Kids weren't up for a leisurely amble along the front, until I sugared the pill by saying that they could take the scooter and bike-with-stabilisers. And so we set off in our nuclear family MPV for sunny Felixstowe!

Anonymous prom boy

Luckily enough the sun was beating down on the town that plays host to "Britain's Premier Port ®", and we obviously weren't the first people to have the bright idea of heading for the sea. In fact we had to briefly clarify the local parking regulations with a uniformed official before finding a spot near-ish the Pier. Then realised we hadn't got a sun hat for the boy: d'oh!

I do like to stroll along the prom, prom, prom
Where the brass band plays tiddly-om-pom-pom!
— I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside

For once we didn't head for the doughnut stall but instead pointed our eleven wheels in the direction of the Spa Pavilion, away from the rabble (which usually includes us). If I remember my French, to go for a walk is "faire une promenade". And I do like the prom down at Felixstowe. It's wide, well-kept, adjacent to the admittedly stony beach, and every 100m or so there's someone selling 99s. What more could anyone want? Oh, and I know there's no cycling, but surely if your bike has stabilisers then it's OK?

On that subject, one last thing I must pass on. From a £1.50 booklet in Tourist Information entitled "The Cotman Walk, A Town Trail by The Felixstowe Society", I learned that in 1933, a Mr P. Harris of Ipswich cycled backwards up Bent Hill. Now that's entertainment.

Be seeing you!