EDitorial ± 2-Jul-2001

Auction Man (Part 2)

It's been a busy week on ebay, "the world's online marketplace". I'm concerned that I might be hooked.
Item 1610025336
McDonalds Milo
As you may or may not have read here last week, I was in search of a Tweenie figure from McDonalds for my daughters. 'Cos if they're happy, I'm happy. And what should pop up on ebay but the one I wanted, a single Milo, no bids. Opening bid was 50p. Interestingly there was a Buy-it-Now! option for £1.00: in other words if you're prepared to pay that price, you can have it, and skip the auction. I went in hard at 50p, my very first ebay bid.

Wouldn't you know, a couple of days later an email arrived from ebay: you've been outbid for Milo, someone's come in with 55p! After considering my options, I decided to play it canny. You can give ebay the maximum amount you're prepared to pay, and ebay will automatically bid on your behalf up to this figure. So in went a max bid of 95p, bringing Milo back to me.

Unbelievably, with a day to go, I was outbid again! I left it late this time, and put in the new minimum bid of £1.20 with three hours to go. I was sad enough to watch the final five minutes of the auction on Saturday lunchtime, and fortunately I won. As I explained on an email to the lady selling him, the girls won't care too much about Milo being MIP (mint in packet) - the first thing they'll do is rip it open and start playing with him. Never mind.

Item 1158603427
Ipswich postcards
Having tasted blood, I struck again. Seeing some rather nice old b&w postcards of the town up for grabs, I had to put in an offer. It seemed sensible to use the proxy bidding feature once more, so I gave ebay a maximum figure with a day or so still to run. This worked out well, as someone tried to beat me to them in the final couple of hours, but they weren't prepared to exceed my price. Victory to me.
Item 1441658318
Radiohead Drill CD
Finally, if you remember, I had a little item up for sale myself last week. Bidding was brisk for the Radiohead single in the first couple of days, rising from £25 on Monday morning to £114 on Tuesday lunchtime. And there it stayed until Sunday night, when a last ditch attempt to take it hoisted the final selling price to £132! And yes, I am very happy with that, thank you very much.

Be seeing you!