EDitorial ± 15-Oct-2001

There Goes The Summer

Yesterday, Sunday 14th October, was officially The Last Good Day Of The Year ©, if you weren't aware. Previously this title had been bestowed upon Saturday 13th October, the almost-summery day before. Going further back it was first claimed by a particular Friday about three weeks ago. You pays your money, etc.

So the Broom clan, plus visiting cousin Jo (professional childcare operative), pointed the people carrier towards the coast. Forty or so minutes later we alighted at Walberswick. I hasten to add that we stopped in a legit space down in the beach car park, having tutted at the bad people who'd left their vehicles next to the "no parking" sign by the green.

I do like Walberswick. First there's the vast sandy beach. Head over the small bridge, home to the annual crabbing championships, and you'll very soon be staring at the sea, much like Robert Smith of The Cure. A bracing breeze was blowing when we were there. Get a whiff of that ozone!

Walberswick village sign

Second, though perhaps it should be first, there's the Parish Lantern tea-room and gift shop. Now I'm a sucker for a half-decent place selling hot beverages and pastries, but the PL is 110% decent. As ever, top toasted teacakes, buttered crumpets and a luscious array of cakes were on offer. Forced to decide, I went for the cream tea: butter, strawberry jam and cream spread thick on two generous scones. Best I've had in 2001. Take that, arteries!

If You Take Away With You Nothing Else

  1. Charles Rennie Mackintosh was there for a wee while
  2. it's a great deal easier to park there than in Southwold
  3. Walber- meaning wall-to-wall, -wick meaning weekenders

Be seeing you!