EDitorial ± 12-Nov-2001

Simply Wizard

Of course, me and JK Rowling go back years, doncha know. It turns out (and I've only realised this in the last ten minutes) that we both graduated from Exeter University in 1987, and that we were in the same halls of residence for our final year! I've found an official list of university students for 1986-87, and page 89 has this entry:
Rowling Joanne, Church Cottage, Tutshill, Chepstow, Gwent (Lafrowda)
Sadly only one of us was invited back to collect an honorary Doctor of Letters degree in July 2000. It's not the first time that the Royal Mail has mislaid my correspondence.

Smug man fresh from watching an advance preview of the new Harry Potter film

Perhaps, to make up for this, Jo (as I didn't used to call her) had a quiet word with the kindly folk at the Evening Star - lively, loyal, local - to ensure that I won a couple of tickets to a preview of the new Harry Potter film. Been there, seen that, bought the Bertie Bott's Beans.

And so it was that me and little sis were at the Ipswich Odeon on Saturday morning for a 10.45am showing of one of the most eagerly anticipated films this side of The Phantom Menace, all for the price of a first-class stamp. Very entertaining film, you'll be pleased to hear - some personal highlights:

  • the Dursleys' trip to the Reptile House: thanksss!
  • the Quidditch match: reminiscent of Pod Racing
  • all appearances by Alan Rickman as Severus Snape
  • Harry standing before the Mirror of Erised

I think it worked really well. I'd read The Philosopher's Stone initially some years ago before the whole phenomenon happened, having seen that it had won a major children's book prize. Like others, I assumed that this mysterious JK Rowling was a middle-aged male author. Not so. Go see it when you can!

Be seeing you!