EDitorial ± 21-Jan-2002

Family Matters

Bridget, top archivist person that she is, gave me a novel birthday present a little while back - a voucher reading as follows:
This entitles Ed Broom to two hours family history research at the Ipswich branch of the Suffolk Record Office
She was aware that I'd been spending some lunchtimes scrabbling around in old Kelly's directories and electoral rolls in a quest for two family names:
  1. Broom: my dad, his dad, etc.
  2. Freston: my dad's mum's maiden name

While I'd done reasonably well with the Brooms, I was keen to know more about the Freston side, it being my middle name and all. So I gave Bridget what I'd already learned and left her to it.

Edward Freston in 1891 census: head of family aged 52, carter & contractor, born Mendham, Norfolk

Well, the lady did good. Briefly, here's where we are:

— Ivy Freston, my grandmother
born 1902, daughter of...
— Frederick Freston, my great grandfather
born 1871 in Ipswich, son of...
— Edward Freston, my great great grandfather
born 1838 in Mendham, son of...
— John Freston, my great great great grandfather
born 1810 in Harleston, son of...
— William Freston, my great great great great grandfather
born 1777, son of...
— William Freston, my great great great great great grandfather
birthdate currently unknown

So those Freston menfolk already go back around 250 years to the Norfolk/Suffolk border. And that's an awfully long time.

If You Take Away With You Nothing Else

  • learn a trade: lot of shoemakers in the Freston family, so I'm told
  • lay some roots: clan haven't moved a long way
  • bide your time: 1901 census should be back online soon

Be seeing you! And big thanks to Bridget for the work so far!