EDitorial ± 11-Feb-2002

Self-Preservation Society

Bits and bobs, this and that, flotsam and jetsam that I'll have completely forgotten in a year or two's time if not sooner:

— that in the ITV two-part drama The Swap, the vest-wearing fake Aussie character with the perma-stubble was played by an actor called Jonathan Cake

— that Ella suggested that GAP, adorning her top, stood for "Good At P.E."

— that cycling home tonight, the traffic was snarled up due to the police having shut Norwich Road (near Barrack Corner) because of a car crash

— that I tried and failed twice at lunchtime to key in the correct PIN for my Co-op bank account

Monday 11 January 2002

— that according to Bill, the Guardian described the Winter Olympics as "various ways of sliding", and that tonight's Grandstand features the snowboarding halfpipe

— that Rosie, who wasn't tired since she'd fallen asleep in the car, stayed up eating chicken curry and watching Fred Dibnah sit on top of a newly built brick archway, which promptly collapsed

— that I was given 18 postcards of Ipswich today, free!, which Lee & Andy had acquired in a charity shop for 2p each, an awful lot of which depict the Orwell bridge

— that PPMIP, as well as being something to do with Pre-Payment Meters, stands for the Alberta Pork Producers' Market Insurance Program

— that Theo was bought a new video today: Mucky Muck, starring a builder that he calls "Boch" (sounds a bit Welsh)

— that I appear to have used up 93% of my 15Mb quota for this web site, so that's more than enough words for now

Be seeing you!