EDitorial ± 2-Apr-2002

An Apple A Day (Part 2)

As they say in Ren & Stimpy, "Happy happy, joy joy!" Yes indeedy, the fashionistas writing for both Vogue and Heat are saying that white is very much the new bondi blue. Or, to put it more simply, I got me a flash new iMac!

Aided by seven-year-old eldest, we went through the six set-up steps (twice Showaddywaddy, half a recovering alcoholic) on Good Friday:

  1. plug in the power lead
  2. plug in the telephone lead
  3. plug in the speakers
  4. plug in the keyboard
  5. plug in the mouse
  6. switch on
And Robert is my father's brother-in-law, as they say, making the swift transition from figure 1 to figure 2.


Figure 1


Figure 2

My original iMac was three-and-a-half years old. To give you some indication of progress, the new machine weighs up like this:

  • 3 times as fast,
  • 8 times as much RAM,
  • 10 times as much disk space,
  • and it's got a SuperSlot for toasting bagels

Best of all though has to be the adjustable flat screen. Not only is it very sharp, but it seems to hang in the air. Deep joy.

Be seeing you!