EDitorial ± 17-Apr-2002

Express Yourself

Naturally, you must know that I have approximately 37 children, all called Dave. No wait, I'm getting confused with a Dr Seuss story. In actual fact there's only the three (!), though at times that can be three too many.

Being kids, they're prone to the odd mood - not unlike their mum & dad. When I step through the door after a nice quiet childcare-free day at work, I never know quite how they'll be. Take your pick from surly, jolly, indifferent, playful or downright pantsy.

This evening all three were cheery, for once, and happily sat still for some quicky digital pix.

Littlest   Middler   Biggest
-- cool --   -- amused --   -- sibilant --
Middler   Biggest   Littlest
-- intense --   -- gappy --   -- serene --
Biggest   Littlest   Middler
-- radiant --   -- forced --   -- aloof --

Be seeing you!