EDitorial ± 2-May-2002

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Missing (hoped lost) this rare copy of Ippo, a short-lived free local rag, has resurfaced having been used to line a sock drawer for the past two years. Even in that short while, things have moved on somewhat, as you'll shortly discover.

Paving The Parks Which Will Be The First To Go?

Feb 2000

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Arcade St
Work finally complete on Arcade Street tunnel
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Irish pub "not genuine" claim
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Road sign points to new life
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Bramford Man Wants To Be Asked His Opinion By High Street Pollster

IPSWICH, TOWN CENTRE: Eric Boyton, an insurance clerk working within five minutes walk of the town centre, has revealed his secret desire - to be stopped by just one of the many market researchers who patrol the high street.
     Despite having worked in the low-claims motoring department of one of the town's biggest insurance companies for some seven years, Eric, 45, who estimates that he comes into the centre three days out of five, has yet to be buttonholed by a single pollster.
     "Nearly all of my office colleagues have been stopped at some time", said Eric, "and, in my view, their opinions are worth next-to-nothing".
     The Bramford resident added: "I've just got so much to say, whether we're talking shampoo, low-fat spreads, or even public transport. I regularly take notes during the adverts. Does no-one want to know what I think?"

New KFC To Seal Town's Bid For City Status

KFC Ipswich's bid to become a city will be all but guaranteed with the completion of a new KFC on Cardinal Park, borough councillor Fred Melton told Ippo earlier today.
     "I firmly believe our bid to be in the bag", he added. "Nowhere, not even Milton Keynes, can beat us now - we're city-lickin' good".
     With the Colonel's chicken strips and that perennial favourite, the Family Feast (including Vienetta) on offer, the town has never been better served for fast food.
     Anyone coming out of the Virgin Multiplex on Cardinal Park will be spoiled for choice snack-wise: will it be hot chicken from the new KFC, a quick Quarterpounder from MacDonalds, or something slower at the New Orleans bar.
     Tasty options all round!

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