EDitorial ± 7-May-2002

I'm Still Rolling Along

For as long as I can remember (and I'm closer to 40 than 30 now, though only just), there's been an annual gathering of vintage vehicles in town that roughly coincides with Cup Final weekend. I know I'm not getting any younger when, comparing the two events, I probably got more out of the old cars on Sunday than the footy on Saturday. Mind you, great goals from Parlour and that-guy-with-the-red-streak-in-his-hair-whose-name-I'm-not-totally-sure-how-to-spell, if little else to catch the eye.

Years back, my dad would take me and big brother to watch the parade of motors begin their short journey to Felixstowe. And so I dragged wife plus kids out on Sunday morning in less than certain weather to do likewise.

Purple Ford Anglia   Hey, a cool three-wheeler!   Sporty red car, make unknown

It's a mighty fine spectacle is Christchurch Park on the big morning. The paths are lined with a plethora of finely maintained autos that would make Mike Brewer weep, from Austins to Zephyrs with most letters in-between. You can work your way down from the Rollers, Jags and Bristols to the humbler Escort, Mini and Beetle (original models, naturally). Oh, there's also coaches, double deckers, jeeps and motorbikes too. No wonder that the girls quickly became desperate to hit the playground.

Always the way that particular cars attract more attention than others. One such exhibit was a bright orange Messerschmidt: two seats, one behind the other - perhaps the Smart car of its day - and three wheels. Took me back to one of the first cars I drove regularly, namely the family's marginally less street-cred bright yellow Reliant Robin. Which was a step up from the previous runaround, the dull green Reliant Regal. My therapist says it's good to talk about these matters.

If You Take Away With You Nothing Else

  1. drive, she said, but clunk click every trip, as Jimmy said
  2. baby you can drive my car on just a motorbike licence
  3. who's gonna drive you home, and how many units have they had?

Be seeing you!