EDitorial ± 13-Nov-2002

Mini Adventures

In the summertime, it's a no-brainer to entertain the littl'uns of a weekend. Walk to the playground, point the car at the nearest bit of beach, or simply inflate the paddling pool that lies mouldering in the shed. Not onerous.

Becomes more of a challenge on a wet and windy weekend, esp. to tear them away from the wall-to-wall shelf of pre-recorded videos: dad, why did you tape over Ghostbusters? So, was quite pleased to achieve a couple of short but sweet outings this last Sat/Sun.

Firstly, late Saturday pm, to Orwell Park observatory, having spotted an ad for their annual open day in the EADT. Moon was visible on the way there, a good omen, but unfortunately cloud cover had set in by the time we reached the big 'scope.

Eldest star-gazing   Youngest descending the stairs at the observatory

Best we could manage was a distant view of the clock tower at the Royal Hospital School through some nifty binoculars. OK, but a poor second to staring at the Sea of Tranquility.

I saw two shooting stars last night
I wished on them but they were only satellites
— Billy Bragg, A New England

Then, in need of more air on the sabbath, to the fancy new Sutton Hoo. Run by the National Trust, now's a good off-peak time to go, since I'm told that the place was heaving when it re-opened earlier this year.

Fab large metal mask that adorns the wall of the exhibition centre at Sutton Hoo   An autumnal puddle last Sunday

Thankfully (number 1) the rain had subsided for our visit, leaving plenty of puddles on the round-the-mound walk. Thankfully (number 2) we'd got the boy's wellies in the car, so he had big fun splashing past the Anglo Saxon burial site.

Eventually got back to the upmarket caff for the obligatory tea & cake, and, of course, the boy was soaked. Went to remove his first welly so we could get his hugely soggy trousers off, and ker-splosh!, several inches of pure puddle water hit the freshly-mopped floor. Still, that's what NT napkins are made for.

Be seeing you!