EDitorial ± 16-Jun-2003

You Never Forget

Watching the new batch of 24 on BBC2? I made an executive decision that our household should duck out after the first three or four hours even though we'd stayed the course for the entire series one, up to & including mad Dennis Hopper's cameo. This time around couldn't get on with that family making the endless wedding arrangements, CTU Tony not having a goatee, and the ever more incredible scrapes in which Kim, the liability, found herself.

Me and Jack Bauer, needless to say, are from the same mould. Let's assess my Monday using one of the few gimmicks not already used by the makers of 24: we're doing it in reverse. Beep, beep, beep, beep, bee-bee-bee-beeeeeep.

Found attached to my bike when picked up from the mender's having had inner tube replaced: shurely shome mishtake?

18:00 Arrive home perspiring mightily
17:57 Wave to traffic survey chaps as whizzing down Valley Road hill
17:30 Depart work on bike
13:10 Notice poster promoting Bike 2 Work week, starting today; grimace slightly
12:30 Call from garage seeking permission to investigate any damage caused by broken cam belt; may be expensive, they warn
09:40 Arrive work perspiring mightily
09:15 Wave to traffic survey chaps as panting up Valley Road hill
09:10 Depart home on bike
09:00 Depart garage on foot
08:55 Arrive garage in truck
08:50 Wave to traffic survey chaps as being driven back down Valley Road hill
08:35 Breakdown van appears on Dale Hall Lane; mechanic diagnoses cam belt within 30 seconds and begins attaching towing implements; warns of possible damage to valves
08:32 Call from breakdown service - where exactly are you?
08:22 Breakdown van drives by, not stopping, turning left into Henley Road
08:10 Chat to traffic survey guys; they're doing 7am-7pm shift
08:02 Various blocked motorists emerge to help push car out of box junction and into side street
08:00 Pulling away from lights at Valley Road / Dale Hall Lane junction, hear a not-good noise under car and motor dies; stranded in yellow box blocking traffic in three different directions; call breakdown service immediately
07:58 Queueing at lights, notice two gents doing a traffic count
07:55 Depart house in car
07:30 Lovely day but decide not to bike since:
  1. feeling tired/lazy,
  2. will save ten mins on journey,
  3. and need to get back early to take eldest to tennis practice

As my official Bike Week leaflet says, "for trips... in most urban areas, a bicycle is usually the fastest and always the most convenient door-to-door mode of transport". A truer word was never heard.

Be seeing you!