EDitorial ± 8-Nov-2004

Cool As KFC

On a Saturday evening when I was knee-high, sitting in front of the Generation Game and Seaside Special, my dad would sometimes reveal that he'd saved enough Luncheon Vouchers from work for a teatime treat: Kentucky Fried Chicken. No salads or Zingers or TLAs back then — this was the 1970s, sunshine — but my, those beans were tasty.
A Pizza Hut, A Pizza Hut
Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut
— Fast Food Rockers, Fast Food Song

Me & the kids passed a KFC en route to some serious soft play yesterday, and I got to thinking what else those three high-scoring Scrabble tiles could stand for:

  • Kids' Food, Conveniently
  • Ketchup Frosted Chips
  • Kitchen Friers Cranked-Up
  • Kiss Fatty Calories
  • Kindly Finish Chewing

Mind still wandering in a vaguely creative stylee, it occurred to me that perhaps the good Colonel (real name Harland Sanders, died in 1980, aged 90) may have missed a trick in this country. Every other T-shirt in the town centre shouts out FCUK; couldn't the ad-boys make something out of you and KFC?

Be seeing you!