EDitorial ± 5-Jan-2005

Five Past Eight In The Evening

Returned from The Match (hugely disappointing 0-2 defeat to the 'ammers in front of 30003 fans) with The Rose late Saturday afternoon to find The House suddenly devoid of festive bling: lights extinguished, tree felled and the door bereft of a wreath. Wifey, if asked to express a preference, likes the decs not to outstay their welcome.
All is quiet on New Year's Day
— U2 (been a while since they appeared here)

Invigorated, revitalised and motivated by the year they're calling 2005, there occurred a maelstrom of activity over the w/e as things were tidied away, other things (inc. the Nordman) were recycled, and still other things were lined up to be returned to their rightful owners, such things comprising CDs, tupperware, videos, lasagne, kid's medicine and a DVD of Shaun Of The Dead.

So, NY, new resolutions, no order:

  1. make a Baked Alaska
  2. locate trumpet, clean it, then play a scale on it
  3. attach bike carrier to car (don't ask)
  4. visit Brighton
  5. memorise an Animaniacs song: Presidents, countries or US states
  6. redo this website using table-less HTML
  7. give up coffee for one day: prompted by me leaving my newly dishwasher-ed Billy Nomates mini Bodum at home, managed this today and with a clear head too
  8. arrange and play 5-a-side footy match
  9. read Moby Dick or Don Quixote or both
  10. deal with paperwork in the This Week folder That Week
  11. sell toys or donate to charity and generally tidy loft
  12. get a letter published in The Guardian
  13. watch classic films The Leopard, Rashomon and Bicycle Thieves
  14. stay in Freston Tower
  15. bike to work for a solid fortnight in the summer
  16. go running with wifey just the once
  17. locate unicycle, pump tyre, then practice on it

We shall see.

Be seeing you!