EDitorial ± 17-Sep-2005

Day 17 === The Sore Seventeenth

Point the first: I think it's the case that my dad, now aged 70-and-a-day, has lousy peripheral vision.

Point the second: it's not unusual to find a form letter in The Boy's book bag saying "your child had a bump on the head today."

Ipso facto and cogito ergo sum, I too have my clumsy moments - wifey says it's in the gene pool. Which is perhaps why I now have a sore & sizeable surface scratch near my ribcage. See, I was helping to tidy up after a most pleasant outdoor engagement party at N. & N.'s when I failed to negotiate a metre-high wooden fence post. Ouch. No other adults around at that time to watch me flail to the floor, thankfully.

About to have a soothing dip in some bubbly bath water: I'll be brave.