EDitorial ± 19-Sep-2005

Day 19 === The Nettlesome Nineteenth

Three-thirty this morning found me pyjama-ed in the kitchen, copying hard to read alphabetic characters from the back of a crisp packet into my Nokia in the hope of winning a (now discontinued) iPod Mini. Figured that there'd be precious few others desperate enough to be doing likewise at that time. And who'd been up anyway putting their children back into their own perfectly good beds.

Entered twice then switched the phone off and went back to bed. Phone back on around 7:45am: "Sorry, you didn't win this time...", times two.

Forward fourteen hours and wifey returns from her local running club. She'd managed to do 25 laps of the 400m track - bloomin' impressive - then returned to the leisure centre car park only to find the side of our motor severely scratched. This gouge runs the length of both door panels, cutting down to the primer. Not a minor knock.

Happened that I went up to the same place 15 mins later to play bad-mint-on. Had a word with the manager and yes, they do have CC-TV in the car park. But I need to tell the police to get an incident number, and even then he can't show me the footage, tho' he can have a look himself. He was most helpful and concerned, which was nice. Said that his own car had been damaged in a town centre car park and that no note had been left, but someone had seen the incident and noted the regn number: driver is liable for up to 6 pts on their licence, apparently. We shall see what they say at Dock Green tomorrow.