EDitorial ± 24-Feb-2006

Devil Finger

Far as I can tell, thanks to Freeview, the kids watch an unbroken stream of Chuckle Brothers (to me, to you), Tracy Beaker (down in The Dump) and Kerching on the insta-parent device that is CBBC.

Sometimes another prog rears its head and drifts from the back room into my consciousness in the kitchen, where I'm often to be found hanging on to Peter Allen's every word. Last week, that televisual offering was the briefly named Stupid.

I caught the last five minutes of a single show and it made me chuckle. There's Marcus Brigstocke, him from We Are History and The Savages (that did it for me, too), making inane banter with his blue sidekick, but best of all there were the short sketches with mostly kids, inc:

  • a weird family, dressed as aliens, slowly making their way up the bus queue by making a strange humming noise in unison
  • the hysterical girl in the school science lab, spilling a tiny drop of water on her sleeve then yelling "It Burns!"
Best of all was the kid with the possessed digit, poking uncontrollably at another kid's shoulder while intoning Devil Finger!, Devil Finger! His victim then retaliated with Cow Bite! I'm told by my offspring that the best defence against DF is, in fact, Bendy Wendy!, using a bent finger to block. Should be on primetime.

Thought I'd set the under-the-telly-box to auto record the next episode: v. disappointed to see "No matches found". Last in the series, so I gather. Bother.