EDitorial ± 2-Jan-2007

Lopping And Losing Sleep

Maybe I was still coming down from the highly-charged and emotionally fraught sock game played out on New Year's Eve. In the white hot atmosphere of an amusement for two teams, accusations were levelled, digits were directed in faces, and Certain Things Were Said. Best if we all move on: it was most likely just the J2O talking.

That same night and The Boy was still Duracell powered. PJs on, he insisted that we read a quick book, time now around 1am. Before heading downstairs for the washing up (full dishwasher load already on, needless to say), I asked him if he knew what year it was. "January?", he guessed. No, that's the month, I pointed out -- it was 2006, and now it's ... "2007", he guessed right, "2007! Spider-Man 3!"

Forward 24 hours, and maybe I shouldn't have watched both episodes of the Torchwood finale. Cracking stuff. That Janitor character most creepy, though couldn't see the significance of his weird name: Bilis Manger. Any road, to bed and the prospect of, gulp, work the next morning. Set the alarm on my mobile and settled down with my booklight beaming on May Contain Nuts:

  • all quiet, all lights out when suddenly I hear a voice/voices? from the hall, though no footsteps: up I gingerly get, open the bedroom door, and realise that the bathroom radio is on Five Live -- it's disconcertingly decided to switch itself on at midnight, clearly having a mind of its own: turn it off and head back to book and bed
  • nearing end of chapter when Cybermen invade the room: that'll be an incoming text message from First Direct triggering my Dr Who SMS tone
  • book down, dozing off when someone immediately outside slams a gate, starts a car and drives off
  • mentally preparing for tomorrow and make note to remember football kit
  • finally asleep when The Boy shuffles in with slightly soggy pyjamas: up, herd him back to his room, lights on and find replacement bottoms, lights out and leave bathroom light on
  • dream that I've forgotten my football kit
  • 0705, mobile alarm goes off

One thirty minute bike ride to work, the wind in my face, and I'm as alert as something that's reasonably alert. With the ability to frame memorable metaphors.