EDitorial ± 22-Jan-2007

TT0607, Week 16

Defiants: our mission -- to stay up. It's that simple. At the impromptu team meeting last week, there was also something muttered about turning up on time. Challenging, yes, achievable, who knows.

Much improved performance in a chilltastic sports hall tonight -- two points to us last time, double that this time -- me arriving midway through AC's first match, incredibly beating their best player. Our man was convinced he'd done the double on someone with a stonking 94% average: turned out AC had beaten a different guy in our first-half encounter. As PaRappa would say, you gotta believe.

Did I mention our fan? Admittedly this was a friend of KC's, last seen at a Defiants TT game when a President named Bush was fighting a Gulf War. His presence spurred on KC to win an end, though not enough to add to his singleton point. C'mon, Kev!

Now, I reckon my spatial awareness is good. I can solve a Rubik's cube (or could when Ronnie RayGun came to power) and my parallel parking, as required by this street, is above average. So why was it that:

  • when I bent down in the bathroom yesterday, I whacked the towel rail off its moorings with my head?
  • when I bent down to pick up the ball tonight, I thwacked my head on a wooden bar hiding behind a curtain?

Ouch times two.