EDitorial ± 29-Jan-2007

Bruce Banner, Meet Bruce Wayne

The hand-crafted invitation to G.'s 40th party said to "come dressed as your favourite toy, doll or action figure." And lo, it came to pass that Saturday night at the Garrett Memorial Hall played host to, among others, Princess Leia, James Bond, a policeman, Dora The Explorer, two Doctor Whos (Tennant with screwdriver and Baker with scarf), Bob The Builder, assorted Pirates Of The Caribbean, a Star Trek captain, and crime fighters including Superwoman, The Hulk and Batman. Not to mention a yo-yo, a button and a cardboard doll with cut-out costumes.

Refreshments were top-notch with seemingly unlimited food and drink, even the balloons were co-ordinated, and people were strutting their stuff with what used to be called gay abandon. YMCA, anyone? A personal highlight was seeing The Boy lay down some piratical air guitar to the strains of Don't Stop Me Now. Makes you dead proud.

Enormous fun, and that included the preparation, figuring out what gizmos should grace the utility belt. For now it can be revealed that I, yes I, was the Caped Crusader. Naturally you need a (cardboard) Batarang, and it doesn't take much to transform some de-icer into Shark Repellent Bat-Spray. Top off with a Bat-Rope and a handful of cards to hand out saying Biff, Bang and Kerpow!

There's talk of a rogue YouTube video depicting the Dark Knight struggling through the macarena, but it's probably just a rumour.