EDitorial ± 27-Feb-2007

TT0607, Week 21

Week vingt-et-un, in which Arvind proved himself to be fallible. After playing like a dervish last week, powered and pumped up by his plenty positive perspective, he lost his first to the ambidextrous canny Ken, failed to fire against Walk Away Rene, then went 9-5 down to their third man, his sometime practice partner, in the deciding fifth end. Didn't look good. And yet, and yet, he came back to scrape a point. Phew. Else who knows what KC, ousted from tonight's line-up, might say?

Which left the old pros (that's me and AC, in the team 'cos we always are) to gain our doubles and secure our doubles places. Won that one too to make it two wins on the trot -- go Defiants -- then off for celebratory mochacino milkshakes at the Tiles. Plus, shines table, the inevitable reflections on the night's performance. Did Arvind get fooled by Ken's half-hearted warm-up? Did he play them in the wrong order? Was he put off by their loud self-congratulations? All of the above.

In danger of analysis paralysis, we sunk some J2Os and called it a night.