EDitorial ± 14-Mar-2007

TT0607, Week 23

Pick one from ping-pong or pollo ad astra: plumped for the piping pizza. Nuclear family outing for Eldest's birthday -- basketball, Uglydoll, PJs, Magnetix, with a DS game (hopefully) in the post -- saw dough balls served at precisely a dozen years since her arrival in this world. My, we were younger then and knew nowt of dark chocolate Kitkats or hard drive recorders.

And while we tucked into toffee fudge glory and a torta di mele with a side helping of mascarpone, the boys got their just desserts down at the Rosary. AC stayed on course for his 2/3 average though coulda shoulda got 3/3, by his own account, while Arvind "The Viper" hissed too many shots into the net. All this while KC tried to keep the crowd in order.

Home, stuffed, to see the ultra-positive Ray Stubbs (maybe we should get him in as a motivational speaker for our team?) finally be expelled from Fame Academy. Being positive only gets you so far when you have a bad throat.