EDitorial ± 6-Apr-2007

Ipswich, You're Our Favourite Town

Doncha just love those fine upstanding folks behind the WKD alcopop? Not content with those guffawing ads along the lines of "Put a ring on her finger. A pineapple ring." that are causing mass hilarity up hill and down dale, they're now trying their multi-talented hand at regional advertising. This one's on show outside the Cricketers:

Ipswich, You're Our Favourite Town. And We Haven't Done Posters Like This In Norwich And Colchester, Honest.

How we laughed. Until we stopped. The moment I saw this, I was reminded of last year's equally baffling Alfa Romeo local ad, Mediocrity Is A Sin. What is it that we, the simple burghers of Ipswich, are meant to think when we see these billboards? Ted, stop the tractor and look-ee yonder: isn't that the name of our fair borough, loike?

Didn't we say that things were "wicked" back in the 1980s when Antmusic was all the rage? Still, least the WKD brainiacs have slapped on their noxious blue variant in preference to the toxic red and bilious orange "flavas". If this is Ipswich, then bingeboozer blue is the colour.