EDitorial ± 2-Jun-2007

No Wellies Required

Barbon Beck by Emma Headed for the Lakes, you'll need (a) raincoat and (b) wellies. Hoicked kids to the local branch of "the most dynamic shoe retailer in Europe", open until 8pm, for wet weather footwear. Emerged with three pairs. Boots stayed unused in the boot all weekend.

Gorgeous weather and a relaxing time at our hospitable Sedbergh hosts. Come Saturday, picnic packed and a quick drive down the A683, past the Ba(r)king Mad sign to what Anita Harris might call a beauty spot. Cue Molesworth:

i come from haunts of coot and hern
i make a sudden sally
and-er-hem-er-hem-the fern
to bicker down a valley

If Morecambe and Wise's scriptwriter had dropped his dark chocolate biccies in the stream, you might find Eddie Braben's bourbon biscuits in the babbling brook of Barbon Beck. No soggy confectionery items for us, just lots of soggy kids despite our best efforts at blocking the running water: those dam builders.

Competitive cricket game was played out on a sheep poo pitch that would have benefited greatly from some TLC by the Sedbergh school groundsman. Girls and The Boy hit the orange tennis ball hither and thither. Shocking moment when yours truly was bowled, refused to walk, then made good contact with the next ball ... straight into the face of one of the gals. Really not cricket.

As visitor numbers slowly increased to matchday parking levels, we escaped to Dent Crafts Centre for late pm refreshment. Mint choc chip ices for the kids, tea for the grown-ups, and an individual cafetiere for the caffiene fiend. Good and strong, china cup, and with a tiny jug of hot milk. Doesn't get much better. Unless you've also ordered a scone with (1) butter, (2) jam and (3) cream. Heaven.