EDitorial ± 20-Sep-2007

TT0708, Week 2

Fully five months since our last outing as the BT Defiants -- we're back Back BACK, though an administrative oversight has condemned us to the depths of division 3. Like Mourinho, we shall rise again.

Inevitably late turning up what with wheelie bins to fetch and tuna melts to prepare and decimal point maths to check. Purposely chose some motivational MyTunes on the 35mph drive, inc. Hang Me Up To Dry by those b&w Cold War Kids and Brainstorm by the Glasto Monkeys. Skipped over Kate Walsh track inbetween: lovely, but not now.

Three silver haired oldies, maybe schoolfriends of Sir Menzies Campbell, made up tonight's opposition. Less than six good hips between them, but no pushovers either as Kev discovered in his opening game. I should point out that he did win his other games, however. Arvind The Viper landed all three, as did yours truly, us two also scraping through the doubles, giving us a 9-1 Golden Gordon start. Woo and indeed hoo.

According to Arvind, we should aim to finish first in the league, "at least". Now that's ambition.