EDitorial ± 18-Oct-2007

TT0708, Week 6

Jolly good game tonight made jollier still by a ten-nil victory. To us!

Not many teams bring along their own mascot (pictured left), so let's hear it for the Hadleigh Owls. Included among their number was none other than Rupert, a guy we used to play in the last millennium: you know, when the ball was smaller and we went all the way up to 21. Poor chap was suffering from table tennis elbow but still turned in a tough game. And he's still got that headband, though it doesn't appear now until the third end.

One of their other members had only been playing since May: he'd considered himself a half-decent player before joining the league. Which left a Chris Evans lookalike who seemed, at first glance, to have little in his armoury, but proved mighty tough to get past.

So that'll be three to me, three to Andy in my faded Rave T-shirt, and three to dad-to-be Arvind.