EDitorial ± 17-Jan-2008

TT0708, Week 9

See those shards of vinyl on the floor? That, dear reader, is what happens when records are smashed.

Going into tonight's encounter, three of the six players present had 100% averages. Not lost a game between 'em. That'd be Andy, me, and opponent Rob, who said he'd been looking forward to the match for some time. Gulp. Added that he'd made a special effort to turn up despite suffering from bronchitis, a cracked rib, you name it. That's Roy Castle type dedication.

  • first average to go: Andy, going down 3-1 to drugged-up doughty Rob
  • second average to go: me, losing 3-0 (I know, I know) to medicated match(un)fit Rob
  • only average to stay: run-down Rob

While two of us hung our scalp-free heads, Kev grabbed a battling brace himself (also losing to pharmaceutical Fred) to claim a place in the doubles -- no storming off this evening. Apparently unbeaten as a pair, him and Andy nicked that vital extra point leaving little old 97.4% me to score.