EDitorial ± 17-Mar-2008

TT0708, Week 21

You know it's a wee bit nippy out when, cycling up Valley Road en route to TT, you're overtaken by one of the council's gritter lorries. Right at the Royal George into Sidegate Lane, don't take left into Sidegate Avenue, head past Brian Cant's old school and take right at the rather shouty sign proclaiming:

Sidegate Lane Neighbourhood Group Community Centre

As Bill Withers foresaw, just the two of us (we can make it if we try) what with (a) Grenvyle at the 'ozzy and (b) Kev with the prophets of Palm Springs. Reputations on the line with four of tonight's pongers featuring in the top seven of the current division 3 averages.

First blood to Sidegate Lane with their RW outfoxing Andy 3-1, making the score 4-1 to them already: one point for the win plus our three conceded points for fielding only two players. Pressure's on to keep our unbeaten run going; only need to win ALL remaining games.

We did our best to ignore the distracting combination of red & black checkerboard floor with magnolia walls in a too-small room, claiming the next five singles with slogging deuce victories over JF. Had to grab that final doubles point to come out 6-4 ahead ... which, hoorah, we did. That'll set us up nicely for Wednesday's game against our closest opponents: watch this space.