EDitorial ± 8-Oct-2008

Bride Of Doughnut Day

Word got out that LB2 -- London Based Lady Boss -- was due to do a Bob Hope and visit the troops, the minions, the munchkins. Hopes were vertiginous that she might, pinkies crossed, come bearing gifts, following on from the team building triumph that was Doughnut Day.

It happened that I was first through the office door today, arriving just gone 7am. OK, don't believe me. Found it a little hard to believe myself, not only the unlikely time but that others were up and at it so early: they have buses in the middle of the night?

Hence the l-o-n-g wait until LB2 turned up around half nine: wot no bag? Nooooooooooo. Then a Blainesque shimmy and out of the much too small rucksack emerged A Box. Not just A Box, dear reader, but a snazzy "limited edition" box. Those workaholic boys and gals in the Krispy Kreme lab have devised the "chocolate carnival" for us, a grateful and salivating public.

Returned from teapoint with aroma-tastic cafetiere, opened lid to secure a chocolate original, and man oh man, that sure did hit .. the .. spot. From here on in, you may address me as Chief Wiggum.