EDitorial ± 21-Sep-2010

TT1011, Week 2

Week two and the bottom division is proving to be no cakewalk: yep, we lost.

I'd agreed to meet up with PC Andy for a pre-match warm-up, and warm up we certainly did on probably the warmest day for a month or more. I gave him some Yoda-style advice -- be the ball -- and he hit some good shots. Would like to think that he went into the match feeling that he could win a game or two.

Sadly, the Sith Lords of the Manor Club stubbed out that fragile lightsaber of hope. Father and daughter last week, father and son this week:

  • much-improved Martin took an end off both Rene and Ed, and restricted Andy to 4 points over 3 ends,
  • tricky Winsley got the better of a tough game with Rene but finished runner-up to Ed in a equally tough and sweaty game,
  • and Michael maintained his 100% record

Gritty five-ended doubles finally went to Rene & Ed though wasn't enough for the draw.