EDitorial ± 15-Feb-2011

TT1011, Week 19

(guest match report by Mr Andy "Where's?" Cassy)

With our star player down in the Big City and our peace keeper otherwise engaged we decide to discard our chance of promotion and turn out just our B-team: AndyC and Rene.

The visitors arrived before the hosts, as usual, and pleased to learn they already had a three point head-start. Difficult to say how the play unfolded as we persuaded Ivan to play both tables.

Two short three-enders, two tighter four-enders see us regain our lost lead, only to be cut short after two tough five-enders which we both lost to Mike, their star player of the night. Similar story in the doubles, with Rene not quite reaching form and wanting to rush back to his home office. Still, we should have done enough to retain our 5th place in the league.