EDitorial ± 30-Sep-2011

Woodbridge Lunches: Honey & Harvey

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New cafe, said a friend. In that Woodbridge. Been there yet? I have, he said. Actually, he's far too well-mannered to play Light Lunch Let-It-Ride. Though that's what he was thinking, the blinkin' bounder.

Bit like Cafe Kitsch, Honey & Harvey -- for that is its Ting-Tings name -- is hard to spot. That's prime real estate, bang in the middle of the Thoroughfare, twixt Boots the chemist and Hudson the jeweller, yet oddly camouflaged. We're inside, out of that darn heat, and not entirely sure what the score is. There's a motley selection of pre-packed sarnies on the counter and no obvious menu 'cept from hot drinks. Oh-kay. Time for some Q&A with the slightly scary serving lady.

Can you make up a sandwich? No, she's gone for the day. What cold drinks do you have? None, there's no fridge. Any crisps? Sorry, no. Ever felt you're in a Python sketch? Thus we each grab a prepack, help ourselves to some iced water and head into the belly of the beast. Far too good a day to stay inside so out the back we go: it's oddly busy out there though the shady spots are taken. BLT, BTW, was unexceptional.

Andy ducks back inside to fetch sweet stuff, for we must have cake. He returns with a monster slice. It's good. It's very good. Halfway through a mouthful, the formidable lady appears with my flat white: sorry, she says, it got specked with some chocolate sprinkles. Oh. In my mind, I said I wasn't happy and asked her to make another one. But no words emerged. Wasn't hot enough either. Hopefully you'll have a more satisfactory visit.

If it was a car -- Koopa Clown Car.
If they were passing by -- Mr Tumble.