EDitorial ± 9-Jan-2012

Cholesterock 'N' Roll

CHO is for chocolate for which I'm a junkie
Could I give it up? On my back, there's a monkey
A Twirl with a cuppa: the ultimate dunky
But top of the pops must be KitKat's large single finger bar

LES is for less, must cut down on the fat
Avoid trans and polys, choose mono-unsat
No more late night snacks being watched by the cat
Less sweets and less cake? Do I not like your proposal

TER is for terminal: live with the knowledge
Your health is at risk: did you not go to college?
Buy lentils from Ipswich and mixed nuts from Norwich
And for breakfast each day, have a big bowl of warmed rolled oats

OL is for olives, take all that you wish
From the Mediterranean diet, pick a dish
You eat enough fruit? Well, five a day, -ish
Most important of all, try to eat mackerel, pilchards and sardines