EDitorial ± 28-Feb-2012

TT1112, Week 22

Avast, 'tis the Avocets again. No James with his awkward bat -- phew -- but here's nice guy Kevin (and spectating female friend!) accompanied by getting-on Don and Lydia. In brief:

  • 10-0 win

Not quite so brief:

  • impressive 3-0 win for Andy v. Kevin
  • good 3-1 win for Ed v. Kevin, and won 26 straight points v. Lydia
  • dig deep 3-2 win for Kennedy v. Kevin who was 2-1 up

Simple doubles win for Ed and Kennedy. Not sure if we'll see Don and/or Lydia next year since they're both struggling to win games in an ever tougher lowest division. Shame.