EDitorial ± 30-Mar-2012

Light Lunches: KFC, Martlesham

Fantastic weather all this week up to this particular Friday lunchtime when it's come over all chilly and overcast. Brrr. Might warm up after a short bike ride down Gloster Road. There's panic at the pumps on either side of the road: Tesco's teeming and BP's bone dry. Fun times for fossil fuellers.

Always good to give innovative local startups a try, and it so happens that behind that same BP is an eatery called KFC. Yep, it's finally time to tick it off. In through the Colonel's finger lickin' chicken experts door and woah, the choice is overwhelming. Too... many... pictures. There's idle talk of sharing a bucket before we go our separate ways. For me, the supercharger sub meal with Pepsi Max and large fries. For Andy, some pieces with a Krushems shake on the side, a fatboy meal in itself c/w huge straw. Then, in homage to the first outlet in Salt Lake City, he pours more sodium chloride on those fries. He's livin' fast.

Not unlike our last major sell-out excursion to Burger King, it's perfectly pleasant in here, and busy too. Clientele comprises teens, couples, workmen, families, a veritable Gap advert. Food does the job, hits the spot and is almost too reasonably priced. As unexpected as the bike parking out front, my caffeinated eye alights upon a Lavazza logo. Dunno what they're doing to that normally great brand but this coffee is poor. Thank goodness, then, for the Avalanche dessert of "real dairy ice cream" with flake bits. Mighty yum. We're gonna need those calories for the extended 1km ride back.

If it was a car -- Dodge Charger.
If they were passing by -- Mixu Paatelainen.