EDitorial ± 27-Aug-2012

Another Day Is Over

Hello darkness, my old friend, I've come to bed in you again. Doors locked, milk bottles in the porch if I've got my thinkin' head on, and that blinkin' mog lured into the kitchen with the promise of half a pouch of Bite 'N' Chew. All lights out to keep ARP Warden Hodges happy. Rest of the house is asleep and now it's my turn. Goodness, is that the time? Shadrach, Meschach and Abedwego.

Oof — this bed cover's a tad floppy. I sit up and try to pull the duvet back into shape, aiming to align contents and cover in a snug right-angle. Once back in place, like a relocated dislocated shoulder, I pinch the corner in a sock puppet stylee while stretching the cover away, both above and below. That's better.

Oof — these pillows don't feel right. I lift my head and put both hands behind me as if I'm Rory Delap, raising and squishing those giant marshmallows down where the sheet meets the headrest. Don't like that loose pillow cover under my neck either, so that gets tucked back in under itself. That's better.

Oof — the duvet's resting over the end of the bed, leaving my feet exposed. I point my toes and flip up the cover before catching it and pushing it against the wooden end. Takes several goes afore nailing it. That's better.

Oof — this book light keeps flickering. I jiggle it about, gently flick the bulb, then resort to holding it down beside the bed while sliding the battery cover. Does the trick. That's better.

Everything in its right place at last -- ah -- I read until it's stupidly late(r) or until the peelers can't take it any more. Night, all.