EDitorial ± 25-Sep-2012

TT1213, Week 2

Princess Ping-Pong, she can be a cruel mistress. From the euphoric highs of last week's victory to the painful (literally, for one of us) lows of this week's defeat. That's what you get -- that's what we got -- when you do battle with a couple of guys who were playing in division 1 last year. Recall that we were in division 3.

Four Felixstowe Triers (Trimley table tennis no longer exists) turned up: Tony and David with their pimply bats to upset Kennedy, and the Long son-plus-dad combo of Michael and Dennis, still going strong-ish.

Separate paragraph for the boy Cassy who, midway through his opening game, trapped something he didn't oughta trap (previously). Sciatic nerve, ahoy. Limping on for a few more points, he then retired hurt to seek solace under the spare table next door. Apparently, the pain is excruciating, advised my mother-in-law when phoned for first aid assistance. Goodnight, Andy, and hopefully the feeling will return soon. In brief:

  • both Ed and Kennedy beat rusty Michael in straight games
  • neither Ed nor Kennedy could get anywhere near David or Tony, whether singles or doubles

Defiants live to fight another day.