EDitorial ± 14-Nov-2012

Light Lunches: Martlesham Leisure

By rights, we really should be running out of places to eat that are within easy reach of Adastral Park, home to the stars. Barely a five minute walk takes you left to the Holeshot Bus Cafe, or right (past Kingpin) to the Martlesham Cafe and beyond to Langers Snack Bar, KFC and Next Costa. Alternatively go up and over the A12 pedestrian bridge and there's Admirals Fish And Chips. Like a desecrated ballot paper, you're spoiled for choice.

Sitting, troll-like, practically underneath that same footbridge, sits the squash club, more properly known as Martlesham Leisure. Waddya know, their in-house eatery is open to the public, non-members and all. Which is handy, since Andy, poor fella, has come off his bike this very morning -- wrist whiplash -- and would prefer not to go too far for lunch.

We're in past the rows of rackets and the glass-backed showcourt and right into the rather nice cafe with comfy sofas, chairs and some soothing music. Not too sure why there are so many copies of Mother & Baby to read, but makes a change from the dull ol' EADT. Bar menu has the usual jackets and baguettes, plus there's a bonus specials board offering prawns in black bean sauce, beef stroganoff, etc. Top of the list, however -- and recommended by Big Al, propping up the bar and downing his lime & water -- is the £3.50 soup of the day and cheese on toast. Yes, please. I grab the last soup, leaving Andy with a children's portion (he's not that hungry) of (Martles)ham, egg and chips.

It's most pleasant at the table. Over my shoulder is a tense squash match. Over his shoulder is the swimming pool. Could like it in here. Friendly lady brings over Andy's HE&C -- that's a generous portion, though he's disappointed not to get a free toy -- and my more-ish pea & mint soup. Most appropriate, given today's foggy conditions. There's cutlery on the table but no spoons, reminding me of this quote:

He's a man with a fork in a world of soup
— Noel Gallagher about his brother Liam

Befitting a healthy environment, desserts are scarce, though we manage to find a pre-packed slab of cherry flapjack to accompany some not bad coffee. All good. There follows a reluctant trudge back to the office.

If it was a car -- Meyers Manx Dune Buggy.
If they were passing by -- Del Harris.