EDitorial ± 1-Apr-2013

The Elegant New Humber Doucy

The Elegant New Humber Doucy (found in the souvenir programme for the 1930 Wolsey Pageant held in Ipswich and perhaps explaining the origin/source/meaning/etymology of the odd street name)

Tel. Ipswich 2585

H. O. Cox (Car Sales) Limited

Light Car Specialists

The Elegant New Humber Doucy

Admired for Elegance, Applauded for Performance

Graceful styling — Exceptional visibility — Complete luxury — Deep seating and de-luxe fittings — Walnut facia and impeccable interior finish — Generous luggage space

The ROOTES Group, in conjunction with the County Borough of IPSWICH, is extraordinarily delighted to announce its sponsorship of the cut-through from Tuddenham Road to Playford Road. Why not drive your brand new Humber Doucy along Humber Doucy Lane?

Send for catalogues:

Humber — Hillman — Sunbeam — Commer — Karrier

1-3 St. Peters Street