EDitorial ± 10-Dec-2013

TT1314, Week 11: Strongest Team

(yet another guest review by Kevin Cockerill: thanks, Kev!)

Tonight we played Britannia Cormorants, "the stongest team in the division". Not because they’re top but because they are holding everyone else up. These were the words from one of their players, whom I last played about 15 years ago, as they started to turn up for what was a truly enjoyable evening. Their players consisting of two "mature" players -- Jim and Brian -- with hip and ankle problems, and then there was Alex, a keen 13-year-old who liked to smash that ball whenever he got the chance.

Losing the first two games fairly easy was not in our game plan and after clawing back a game we found ourselves trailing 1-3. Both Andy and Yang went down three straight ends to Young Alex, while Kev managed to take an end off him before succumbing to the youthful energy to lose in a 13-15 thriller final end.

It looked bleak BUT Yang and Andy rallied and we somehow found ourselves 5-4 ahead, with wins from all three of us. So the doubles came and Andy offered up the combination of Yang and myself, and played what was a close run event but ultimately couldn’t finish it off when needed. So a fair result, 5-5.