EDitorial ± 11-Nov-2014

TT1415, Week 8

Phone call from The Mighty John Sparrow the day before the game. Sorry, Ed, we've only got two players but we'd still like to play the game: I don't believe in cancelling matches. Okey-doke. All very sporting since that's three points to us without lifting a bat. Nice chap, the birdman.

Up at the otherwise deserted dome, we find the aforementioned John and big-hitting Colin (previously). Alas for them, no Mark (Casey Jones) nor killshot Bill. At least we'll get home a hour or two earlier than last week's marathon. In brief:

  • OK 1/3 for Ed, going down in straight ends to Colin but winning in straight ends against John
  • OK 1/3 for Yang, outlasting John in a five-ender and losing three tight games to Colin
  • good 1/3 for Steve, the only one of us to take an end off Colin and pipping John 11-9 in a nailbiting five-ender

Not great doubles play by Ed and Yang to lose to John and Colin, a surprisingly tough pairing. Net result, a 6-4 win 'cos of those three gratis points, and away by 10pm for a far more sensible night out.