EDitorial ± 10-Feb-2015

Light Lunches: Sweet P's Soul Food, Ipswich

Over 100 places now visited and reviewed on the Ipswich coffee shops page including cafes Giardino, Marina, Moda, Siena, Tempo and Basso, each and every one with a final vowel, note. That last one, strictly speaking, being a "caffe" with the distinctive Nero-esque double-F.

Lord keep us and preserve us, where on that list of cafes called cafe-something is Cafe Jam, formerly Manna's, ex Corner Cafe? Shed its skin, is what it has. We'd seen that Sweet P's name and assumed the lengthy lardy lineage of breakfast bacon baps would continue. Not so, as is clear from the moment you step over the threshold, smell the BBQ and see the pic of Haile Selassie. This shop, dear readers, sells soul food to the citizens of the 'Swich.

Hard to think of anywhere we've previously been with these options, from jerk chicken with dirty rice to West Indian fish cakes with macslaw. A wee bit daunted by both the menu AND THE MUSIC (volume 11), we play it relatively safe with our choices from the finger food part of the menu: pulled pork bap for Andy and a sloppy joe with sweet fries for me. SJ, what's that? Well, like a burger but with free-flowing ground beef. Hope I did right to use the cutlery. Tasty too, though I'd have happily tried the ribs or the roti or the meaty beans or the fried fish.

Pierre Rollins is the eponymous Mr P. Ask nicely and he'll serve you some American cereal for breakfast or deliver to your house within a three mile radius which is, I guess, most of their business. SHOUTING OVER THE OUTKAST we sample a made-for-today sweet treat (coconut? condensed milk? chocolate?) with a mug of instant. Forget their coffee and concentrate on the savoury options. Best of luck to them and All That Good Stuff.

If it was a car -- VW Type 1.
If they were passing by -- Reginald D Hunter.