EDitorial ± 23-Feb-2016

TT1516, Week 19

Our salty seasoning is slowing drawing to a close what with only a handful of games left. Not looking too bad, he said with glass half full, but a few more points would be more than welcome. Talking of which...

Manor are visiting our manor tonight, and they're comfortably bottom of the division. We got a decent result at their place on a crazily drawn-out evening. Same again would be super. Steve and Ed on duty again but this time joined by Thunderbird Andy, complete with Glenn Hoddle's shorts and shiny new eBay-sourced bat. Making the Manor team are division 2 champion Martin, who I really should have beaten in the championships a couple of weeks back -- I was 2-0 up! -- but who then went on to win the whole shebang, very impressively, plus blue trainered Kevin and dad Winsley. In brief:

  • OK brace for Ed, failing to take revenge against Martin
  • another duck for Steve, alas
  • maximum hat-trick set-of-three for star-of-the-night Andy, playing an absolute blinder to outgun all opponents

Top fun in the doubles with Ed and Andy, the old team, back together again. We had our chances. We blew our chances. Draw's a fair result.