EDitorial ± 29-Jul-2016

Woodbridge Lunches: Woodbridge Deli

This wasn't the plan. This was never the plan. But that unexpected tailback towards the Seckford Spa forced a quick-as-you-like spin of the wheel and, before we knew it, we were bound for The 'Bridge. Curiously quiet apart from all the military personnel and vehicles. Nothing to worry about. Probably.

Opportune time to (re)visit the Deli. You know, opposite the car park near the library? Previously the Fine Food Company, that business raised its shutters a year or so back. Good to see it under new management and plying much the same trade, i.e. oodles of top quality grub. Let's share a sizeable pork and caramelised onion pie. With a black pudding scotch egg. And a small bowl of olives. All with a cool bottle of fragrant Fentiman's. Scrum and then some.

While we're merrily snacking on the silver seating, I'm looking over Andy's shoulder at the slightly surreal sight of the Band of the Parachute Regiment marching down New Street into St John's Street. Not sure what that's about. Tucking into the last of our pitted lemon and coriander olives, a bunch of people stroll past to observe the same BotPR parading along the Throughfare. Guess you never really know what's going on over your shoulder.

Quick pop in to the Sally Army to admire the world cinema DVDs and quality paperbacks on offer -- copy of Stoner by John Williams for £1.80, please -- before resuming my seat to sample some fabulous Italian mini pastries. Plus a darn fine double macchiato. That was one fine lunchtime.

If it was a car -- Lexus CT.
If they were passing by -- Shane Taylor.