EDitorial ± 6-Feb-2017

TT1617, Capel C v. Defiants

For future reference, the church of St Mary in that there Capel St Mary can be found at postcode IP9 2EL opposite Pound Lane. Despite knowing that and despite having visited that church hall a handful of times, it still took me a couple of passes to find it tonight. It's a hoooge church on a hill!

Keen-as-mustard Helen's back with us this evening after a few weeks in the Far East. She's joining me and Steve, both veterans of this upstairs square room where the table is oriented corner-to-corner. Mind your head when picking up the ball. Oh, and the ball doesn't bounce on the floor, either. That aside, turning out for Capel are Peter and Richard (from last time) and new penhold Charlie from the Colchester league. In brief:

  • OK 1/3 for Steve, beating Richard, putting up a decent fight against Peter and finishing a close second to Charlie (with a mid-game change of ball)
  • good 2/3 for Ed, awful against Peter but bouncing back to outspin Charlie and outlast Richard
  • expected 0/3 for Helen, coming a cropper to some tricky serves and nearly taking an end off Richard

Over to Steve and Ed for the doubles. Never gonna be easy with Peter and Charlie on the other side, and yet, we won! Epic 20-18 victory in the fourth end after endless game points to both sides. Final 6-4 defeat not too bad.