EDitorial ± 7-Nov-2017

TT1718, Britannia Cormorants v. Defiants

I sat out last week's encounter with currently table-topping Rosary Green. How did they do without me? Won flippin' 7-3! Perhaps pertinent that the Green 'Uns were without Nick, their leading player, who's played 15, won 15 thus far. Good timing.

Back on duty tonight with a trip to The Dome where hopefully we'll improve on our 6-4 defeat to them blasted Buzzards. No Alison tonight, sickly at home, but we have a handy nuclear class sub in the form of unbeaten Richard. That'll be unfortunate news for the featherlight Cormorants. Good to see KO Cup Brian and Dalek-defeating James again. Must confess I spent quite a while chatting to crossword compiler Tim instead of watching the other games, tut-tut. Notable notes:

  • hat trick for Ed without losing an end
  • hat trick for Steve without losing an end (with a couple of deuces)
  • hat trick for Richard without losing an end

Were our poor opponents that poor? No, not at all. Think we were all on reasonable form and they weren't. That extended to the doubles with Steve and Richard nailing that in straight games too. Freaky scorecard, each and every end won by us, yielding a rare 10-0 win. It won't last.