EDitorial ± 28-Jan-2019

Daniel Kitson, Keep

Talking to a culturally clued-up guy in the office last week, I chanced my arm. Later this week, I said, I'm off to see Daniel Kitson. He looked straight back at me. Who?

Let's not get too hipster here. Few years back, I came across this fella's name from various trusted sources. Go see him, they all said. Not really a comedian and doesn't really tell jokes but you'll laugh, you'll cry. Bit later I nabbed some tickets for a rare nearby performance in nearby Essex. There'll be no interval, he announced that night, so grab a drink now and buckle up. Quite an evening.

Quickly assembled DK gig list since that time:

  • June 2013 at Colchester Arts Centre -- After the Beginning
  • January 2015 at the Old Vic, London -- Tree with Tim Key
  • March 2016 at Cinema City, Norwich -- It’s Always Right Now Until It’s Later
  • October 2015 at Theatre Royal, Margate -- Stories for the Starlit Sky
  • December 2017 at Norwich Playhouse -- Christmas Show
  • January 2019 at Battersea Arts Centre -- Keep

Good Lady Wife's birthday happened to coincide with his most recent show in that London so we made a night of it and caught the 344 from Southwark Street to The Latchmere. Fantastically atmospheric place, the Battersea Arts Centre. Both of us had forgotten our specs so grateful to secure a second row seat. On the stage, a lone table, chair, and index card cabinet. Said cards in said cabinet were an itemized list of all, er, items in DK's home that he read aloud. A ceramic urinal. A birdfeeder. A brick. A brick. A brick.

Fifty drawers, two minutes a drawer gives a two hour-ish show. Would be a shame to give any more away. Crowd was enthralled. DK paced to and from the cabinet until all was revealed. I think. Get a chance, go see him. You'll laugh, you'll cry.