EDitorial ± 4-Oct-2021

Sound City Ipswich 2021

After the seemingly great night had by all at the premier Sound City Ipswich back in 2019, I secured my Super Early Bird ticket in December 2019 for the next one. Friday 02 Oct 2020, start time 5pm, it said.

Didn't happen for very good pandemic-y reasons. However, they said, "all tickets remain valid for the new date in October 2021". That seemed like a long way off until last week when it finally happened over not one but two nights. Let's go big on the hand sanitiser and do this.

Out goes the Manor Ballroom as a venue; in come St Stephen's church, the hyper centrally located ex-tourist information centre, and The Baths where I used to flounder in the shallow end on swimming trips from school.

Day 1 -- Friday (mild, dry)

  • (17:50) Fraulein at St Stephen's -- three piece of male drummer, female bassist and her great hair, combining to make a fine noise
  • (18:30) bdrmm at The Baths -- bunch of reverb heavy blokes under a worryingly low ceiling, heaving and hot
  • (19:10) Katy J Pearson at The Baths -- melodic, sweet with some welcome keys and a young Andy Murray on bass
  • (19:50) Pom Poko at Corn Exchange -- replaced Porridge Radio, frontwoman bounding around, all smiles and high vocals
  • (20:15) Sink Ya Teeth at Smokehouse -- two women, one on bass, one on vocals with synth drums, easily filling a small room with a big beat
  • (20:40) Kyanos at Cornhill -- featuring The Boy's mate HWD on guitar, a chill Friday evening didn't seem right for some summery psych
  • (21:10) Yard Act at The Baths -- joined queue, got in halfway through set, much Leeds talking, did song with Katy, funny, Lemmy on bass, would have happily taken another half an hour
  • (21:40)Los Bitchos at St Stephen's -- rammed, much dancing, church lit up in every way
  • (22:35) Warmduscher at Corn Exchange -- late, loud, murky, crowd moving

Day 2 -- Saturday (chill, rain)

  • (16:50) Bug Teeth at St Stephen's -- solo guitar & electronics, ambient; would have liked to lie down
  • (17:30) Falle Nioke at Corn Exchange -- West African groove, camo, funky female drummer, curious keyboards
  • (18:15) Ren Harvieu at The Baths -- classy Salford Superstar in Cowboy hat and a great voice, twin sax, Matt Berry on guitar
  • (19:10) Khazali at St Stephen's -- smooth boiler suit soul, big up to Marco on the decks, two last numbers
  • (19:50) Alabaster de Plume at Corn Exchange -- extraordinary, supercool band, a unique chap whose orbit only sometimes intersects our own; spiritual set with Visit Croatia one of many highlights
  • (21:20) White Flowers at Smokehouse -- intense three piece, Cocteau infused, b&w projections
  • (22:00) Jelani Blackman at The Baths -- joint is jumping with Steves as wingman at the rear
  • (22:15) Billy Nomates at The Baths -- endless energy and positive attitude from within those dungarees
  • (22:45) Working Men's Club at Corn Exchange -- shirtless hardness to pound your ears

...and still missed The Cool Greenhouse, PVA and BC Camplight

Go Joe, go Marcus, go all involved in the Sound City set-up. Same next year?