EDitorial ± 13-Nov-2000

Bean Of The Gods

A lyric to kick-start things this week:
You don't drink, don't smoke
What do you do?
— Adam Ant
The answer, Mr Ant, is that I drink coffee. Not exclusively, you understand, but usually a strong-ish brew for elevenses, some tall milky concoction after lunch, and a palate zapping mug post-dinner. I look forward to each one, and I'm almost sorry when all that's left are the grounds.

Here comes a snobbish confession: I don't drink instant. Used to, of course, though no longer if I can avoid it. 'Twas not always thus. At college it was Nescafe, Gold Blend or even Cafe Hag, all from the jar and with a sweetener. Ugh! But then my future mother-in-law gave me my first coffee machine one Christmas, and I was away. Come to think of it, the equipment has always been strangely attractive to me. Maybe it's a fetish?

A coffee sign   Another coffee sign   Yet another coffee sign

An approximate personal timeline of java-producing apparatus:

  • [1986] filter jug, drip mechanism
  • [1988] Italian stove-top espresso maker (one big, one small)
  • [1991] Krups machine with espresso pump & cappucino steamer
  • [1995] six cup Bodum cafetiere
  • [1998] new one-cup stove-top, plus separate milk frother
Does it stop there? Well, there's some lovely Gaggia machines at Whittard's in town...

If You Take Away With You Nothing Else
Two shots of espresso:

  1. that "delicious blend of caramel, vanilla, milk and coffee" being advertised by Starbucks currently ain't no macchiato, says my coffee man
  2. build up those levels of caffeine tolerance slowly, kids
  3. don't drink on an empty stomach
Be seeing you!